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A person is jumping from one cliff to another, with the setting sun in the background. The word "IMPOSSIBLE" is split, with "IM" falling away and "POSSIBLE" remaining, symbolizing that the impossible is possible.


Our development and manufacturing projects have included the world’s most affordable refreshable braille display and the world’s most advanced tactile graphic display.

We have also developed a wide range of speech-enabled products for visually impaired people and speech enhancement technologies for people with speech impairments.

We hold several global patents in the core technologies.

This graphic features a close-up view of a microchip on a circuit board, illuminated by a blue glow. The background is dark, with a network of interconnected lines and nodes extending from the microchip, symbolizing data flow and digital connections. Overlaid on the circuit board are lines of code, emphasizing the software and programming aspect of the technology. The overall theme conveys advanced computing, technological innovation, and the integration of hardware and software in the digital age.


At Advanced Research and Development, we have over 20 years of experience in developing embedded systems with a wide range of complexity – from 8-bit single-processor systems to 32-bit multi-processor systems incorporating microcontrollers, microprocessors and DSPs running operating systems ranging from custom designed RTOSes to embedded Linux.

Our team has a cumulative experience of over 100 years in embedded hardware and software (firmware) development and has undertaken projects in consumer electronics, handheld devices, assistive technology, and industrial domains.

Our development facility is equipped with a wide range of development tools for popular embedded processor families from NXP, ST, and Microchip and employs industry-leading practices for code profiling, benchmarking, and optimization.  We also have a suite of custom-developed tools to allow rapid development, monitoring, and debug of embedded systems.

This graphic shows a person in a suit interacting with a futuristic virtual interface, which is overlaid with various data visualizations and controls. The interface includes pie charts, bar graphs, progress indicators, and other technical metrics, all glowing in a bright cyan hue. In the background, robotic arms are actively engaged in an industrial process, highlighting the use of automation and robotics. The overall theme emphasizes the integration of human oversight with advanced technology and data-driven decision-making in an industrial or manufacturing setting.

Mechatronics and
Motion Solutions

Having developed highly complex systems involving thousands of microscopic moving parts, mechatronics is one of our specialties.  Our multi-disciplinary team of mechanical, electrical, software, and control systems engineers is highly adept at optimizing mechatronic systems for performance and cost.

We have the unique ability to employ a systems approach to solving complex motion engineering problems.  Our experience in designing high-precision miniature actuators for extremely cost-sensitive products gives us the ability to develop complex dynamic mechatronic systems in tightly constrained settings.

Our facilities include high-precision laser measurement tools to characterize the behavior of mechanical systems and to measure the effectiveness of control algorithms.  Coupled with specially developed software tools to analyze and visualize performance in real time, these tools provide industry-leading motion-control system development capabilities.

This graphic depicts the side profile silhouette of a human head filled with a network of glowing, interconnected lines and nodes, representing a digital or neural network. A bright, radiant light emanates from the center of the head, symbolizing a burst of energy, innovation, or enlightenment. The background is a deep blue, which enhances the contrast and emphasizes the luminous network inside the head. The overall theme suggests advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and the integration of digital and human intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning

We have over 10 years of experience in the application of AI and ML techniques in solving complex problems. In addition to the use of popular frameworks such as Tensorflow, we have also developed custom proprietary frameworks for a wide range of applications including object detection, object recognition and speech recognition.

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