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The world’s most affordable Braille Keyboard

The Orbit Writer is a lightweight, handheld device specifically designed for convivence and accessibility. This product allows users to control all functions of their smartphones, tablets and computers. Users can read and send text messages and emails, as well as browse internet and social media channels. Equipped with a Perkins-style keyboard and high-quality scissor keys, the device operates smoothly and quietly. Haptic feedback guides users through all actions and settings.

The product connects seamlessly out of the box with all common devices. It’s ergonomic and lightweight design makes it an easily accessible and portable device. At under 100 grams and with attachment points for a strap or lanyard, the Orbit Writer fits perfectly alongside users’ smartphones. The Orbit Writer provides an affordable solution to the inherent challenge of touch screen and gesture control.

Orbit Writer

The world’s first and only Tactile Graphic Display with multi-level pins

The Graphiti is an interactive tactile display made up of 2400 independently refreshable pins. This device allows blind and visually impaired users to experience graphical information in real-time like never before. Touch interface allows users to draw, experience games, and use other touch gestures such as scrolling and panning. Independently variable pin heights provide the ability to present 3D shapes and images and color.

It connects to any computer or mobile device over Bluetooth, USB, or HDMI. Users can view, create and edit any image. Images can be shared in real time with other connected Graphiti devices or remote units. The Graphiti provides a new world of opportunities for the blind and visually impaired.

Tactile Graphic Display

The most affordable Braille Display in the world, with the highest quality of braille

The Orbit Reader 20 is the world’s most affordable Refreshable Braille Display. It is a unique 3-in-1 device and serves as a self-contained book reader, a note-taker and as a braille display by connecting to a computer or smartphone via USB or Bluetooth.

Equipped with a 20-cell 8-dot display, the Orbit Reader 20 is based on revolutionary braille cell technology. The breakthrough technology uses mainstream components and manufacturing processes to enable unique signage-quality refreshable braille at a fraction of the cost of the piezoelectric technology that has been used in braille cells so far.

Orbit Reader 20

The world’s most affordable 40-cell Braille Display, offering signage-quality braille

The Orbit Reader 40 braille display offers unique signage-quality braille at an extremely affordable price, less than half that of any other similar product. With 40 eight-dot refreshable braille cells, this device allows users to read their favorite books and files from SD card or USB flash drive. It include a Perkins-style 8-key Braille keyboard for writing and editing abilities. Switch easily between Book-reader and Notetaker modes, providing seamless use for any operation.

Onboard apps for functionality and convivence include a clock and alarm, a calendar, and a calculator. The device is compact, lightweight and portable. It connects to 5 computers and mobile devices over Bluetooth or USB and works out of the box with all popular screen readers and devices. There is support in over 40 languages and onboard forward and backward translation. The Orbit Reader 40 is an affordable solution for reading and writing on personal devices for the blind and visually impaired.

Orbit Reader 40

The world’s first and only Handheld Talking Graphing Calculator

A graphing calculator is an absolute necessity in today’s high-school curricula, in higher education and for professionals. The Orion TI-84 Plus is the world’s first fully accessible handheld graphing calculator. Based on the popular TI-84 Plus model from Texas Instruments, the market-leader in calculators and educational technology, the Orion TI-84 Plus represents a breakthrough in STEM education for blind and visually-impaired students.

Since its functions are exactly the same as the TI-84 Plus, the Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator is very easy for teachers to help with. A high-quality, synthesized voice announces each key and the answer on the display, providing a choice of speech rates, voices, etc.

Graphing Calculator

The world’s first and only multi-line Talking Scientific Calculator

The Orion TI-30XS Multiview Talking Scientific Calculator is a modified mainstream scientific multi-line calculator that has been specially adapted to make it fully accessible.  It provides digitized natural human voice output and enables blind students to utilize the calculator in exactly the same way as their sighted peers do.

Orion TI-30XS Multiview Talking Scientific Calculator

The world’s most compact and affordable money identifier

The pager-sized iBill represents a breakthrough in enabling the blind and the visually impaired community achieve independence in the everyday necessity of using paper currency, which sighted people take for granted.  The iBill offers unrivalled features, ease of use and accuracy of identification.

The iBill is an exceptionally convenient and affordable solution that can be used by each and every blind or visually impaired individual. Measuring just 3 inches by 1.6 inches by 0.7 inches, the ultra-slim and compact “key-fob” design provides the ultimate in convenience, allowing it to be carried unobtrusively in a pocket, purse, clipped to the belt or attached to a keychain or lanyard. Among the features that set it apart from other such devices are the extremely high accuracy (better than 99.9%) and the near-instantaneous speed (less than one second in most cases) with which it identifies banknotes.

iBill Money Identifier
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