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Advanced Research and Development develops and manufactures innovative and affordable products that enable an independent lifestyle for the physically challenged.  Founded in 1997 by a group of highly motivated and passionate technologists with a desire to fulfil the desperate global need for affordable technology products that enable independence, the company has introduced breakthrough products that define the state-of-the-art in features, functionality, convenience and cost.

The company’s commitment to ground-breaking innovation and the creative application of mainstream technologies to achieve the highest levels of user-friendliness, affordability and quality has resulted in products that remain unsurpassed as best-selling market leaders even a decade after their introduction.

The ARD team brings together many decades of experience and expertise in diverse fields of engineering ranging from electronics to optics, and in marketing and support to provide customers with the best in products and service.  The team has established a track-record in developing innovative, game-changing technologies and manufacturing methods that enable unique and differentiating product features which bring convenience and autonomy to the end-user.

This graphic depicts a robotic hand extended upwards, holding a glowing, interconnected neural network shaped like a human brain. In the center of the brain is a microchip labeled "AI." The background features a dark blue, digital theme with circuit patterns, and the entire image is framed with abstract orange and white shapes.

Our Vision

Disruptive Innovation, Limitless Possibilities

Our Mission

To enhance the lives of people with disabilities through innovation by achieving excellence in:

  • Development of products that are affordable by all segments of society
  • Creation of intellectual assets through research and development
  • Manufacturing capabilities that leverage low-cost mainstream methods and materials
  • Customer relationships based on ground-breaking products and outstanding service
  • Development of human resources and a culture of innovation through mentoring, training and empowerment
This graphic shows a close-up of a human eye, with a futuristic and technological theme. The iris glows with a vibrant orange hue, suggesting an inner light or advanced technology. Overlaying the eye are hexagonal patterns and connecting nodes, reminiscent of molecular structures or digital networks. The overall effect conveys a sense of advanced research, innovation, and integration of technology with human capabilities.
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