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Advanced Research and Development

ARD Corporation develops and manufactures products for people with physical disabilities.

Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that apply mainstream and therefore cost-effective technologies and manufacturing methods to deliver products that are affordable but yet possess innovative features and functionality to a population that remains tremendously underserved.

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This graphic depicts a robotic hand extended upwards, holding a glowing, interconnected neural network shaped like a human brain. In the center of the brain is a microchip labeled "AI." The background features a dark blue, digital theme with circuit patterns, and the entire image is framed with abstract orange and white shapes.

What We Do

Technology Domains

Our current interests include research into and development of products that can provide greater independence to the blind and visually impaired.

This graphic shows a hand interacting with a virtual interface composed of various interconnected icons and symbols. The central focus is on gears, representing machinery or systems, surrounded by icons including a brain with a Wi-Fi signal, a computer monitor, a checklist, a bar chart, and more. These icons are connected by lines, suggesting a network or system integration. The background is dark with a blue glow, emphasizing a high-tech, digital environment. The overall theme conveys advanced technology, automation, and interconnected systems.


Assistive Technology (AT) products are an area of core expertise for Encore Research…

This graphic features a close-up of hands typing on a laptop keyboard, with various holographic screens and digital interfaces projected above the keyboard. These interfaces display data visualizations, such as pie charts, bar graphs, and network diagrams. The imagery suggests advanced data analysis, real-time monitoring, and digital interactivity, all in a high-tech, futuristic setting with a blue color scheme. The overall effect conveys the integration of technology with everyday tasks, emphasizing innovation and efficiency.


At Encore Research, we have over 20 years of experience in developing embedded systems…

This graphic shows an industrial setting featuring multiple robotic arms, all engaged in a manufacturing or assembly process. The robotic arms are orange and equipped with various tools, working on a production line with precision and coordination. The background suggests a modern, automated factory environment with advanced machinery. The overall scene highlights the role of robotics and automation in modern manufacturing, emphasizing efficiency, precision, and technological advancement.

Mechatronics and
Motion Solutions

Having developed highly complex systems involving thousands of microscopic moving parts…

This graphic depicts a robotic hand reaching out to touch a glowing button labeled "AI." The background features a digital globe with intricate circuit patterns and a purple hue, emphasizing a high-tech, futuristic theme. The robotic hand is designed with sleek, metallic segments, and its fingertip makes contact with the AI button, creating a bright, radiant effect. The overall image conveys the integration of artificial intelligence with advanced robotics, symbolizing innovation, technological advancement, and the future of AI.

Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning

We have over 10 years of experience in the application of AI and ML techniques in solving…


Our Products

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